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2012 - 2016             Study direction: Art & Design, Noorderpoort (MBO4)

2014 - 2016             Program of excellence: Art & Design, Noorderpoort. Status: achieved

2015                        75 work experience hours at Taronja in Valencia, Spain. (connected
                                to program of excellence)

2016 - 2017             Propedeuse Fine Arts, academy Minerva

2017 - 2019             completion of 2nd 3rd year of Fine Arts at Academy Minerva.


Other work experience

2012 - 2016              Exhibitor / organizing / selling at various art markets, including: Haren,
                                 Slochteren and Noordhorn.

2015 and 2017        Participant / exhibitor / pressenting at Open atelier routes Haren

2018                         Volunteer as a host for Art Manifestation, Marker at Grote markt in
                                 Groningen. Initiated by Art Initiative NP3
2018                         Worked as a full time sports animator at BackStage Entertainment,
                                 around multiple campsites at the Garda Lake in Italy.

Contest awards.


2011                         3rd place Kunstbende Groningen, category Expo

2013                         2nd place Kunstbende Groningen, category Expo

2014                         2nd place Kunstbende Friesland, category Expo

2014                         Nominated for NaFF-award, category: young adults.
2014                         Received the NaFF-award with a short film shot in Stopmotion, category
                                 young adults.

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