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About my current work

Describing my visual preference, I search for forms that I find energetic, strong and that are lively. I like the quality of shapes carrying a power with them, while also carrying fluidity and dynamics. I try to capture this energy and power on the painting surface, so it is captive within the borders of my paintings.
What would happen if this energy and force were released, what chaos would roam the world?

Also, by the way of selecting my subject before painting, while painting and by playing with the frame, I try to create as much contradiction in my paintings as possible. I attempt to create work that lies between an abstract and figurative painting, while at the same time being both figurative and abstract. This is not possible and yet I think the impossible is possible.

For instance, let's look at Mondriaan and his work. He is seen as an abstract artist. Suppose you categorize a work from the De Stijl, then the work must be placed in the time that it was made. In Mondriaan's time, his De Stijl works were considered to be an abstract form of art. The work did not bear any reference to the reality of that time. But if we look at De Stijl with a contemporary eye, then: I see my own living room, contemporary architecture, Lego, Youtube, internet pages, Instagram and Ikea.
If you were to look at a work of the De Stijl period with a contemporary eye, then you could say that our reality has changed in such a way that it now refers to the art of De Stijl. With that in mind, we are looking at a both figurative and abstract form of art. With that contradiction, the meaning of abstract can in my opinion be something entirely new.

I believe that at the moment the meaning of the word abstract is the contradiction in itself.
So I play with the balance of two extremes to see what is possible. To see what happens if you visually connect different contradictions and make them interact with one another.

Below I summarize contradictions I have within my work.
Figurative - abstract,
Deliberately undeliberate titles,
Limitless - framed,
Organic - geometric,
Lively shapes - Lifeless material (acrylic = plastic / plastic = lifeless),
Intense - calm,
Colourful - monochrome,
Zoomed in - zoomed out,
Warm - cold,
Complexity - simplicity,
Aqua - terra,
Intentional - spontaneous,
Depth - flatness.                             

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